The history of the town begins with the arrival of the Portuguese, that, around 1596, crossed Lucena towards Baía da Traição. At that time, they still feared occupying large areas of land in Paraíba, building residences and taking chances into managing property, a lot of that is due to local tribes still in forester stages. However, the government of the Paraíba captaincy, led by Captain General Coelho de Carvalho, granted, territories on the Miriri’s river basin to the Benedictine friars, originating the village.

The region was elevated to the category of County on December 22 nd 1961, dismembering itself from Santa Rita. It is named is in honor of a former resident; whose occupation was to transport passengers between both banks of the Paraíba River.

Known for its beautiful beaches, Lucena is highlighted, on the North Coast, for
its easy access and proximity to the capital, João Pessoa, only 50 km away.


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