Baia da Traição

The seashore of Baía da Traição is one of the most beautiful in the Northeast, being setup as a half-moon, where sinuous beaches stand out, multicolored cliffs, dunes and a reef line, forming a harmonious set of rare landscape beauty. Its contour, from the Camaratuba’s river mouth to the Mamanguape’s river mouth, measures about 40 km. On it, there are the Cardosas, Coqueirinho, Giz Branco, Trincheiras, Tambá, Prainha and Forte beaches, beautified by the multicolored cliffs, whose revolt waves make them the surfer’s favourite; the Baía da Traição cove, famous for its beauty and tradition; the Trincheira, where, on 1625, its dunes served as trenches for the Portuguese forces to fight against the Dutch; and the Coqueirinho beach.


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