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Boca’s Bar

informations about Boca’s Bar

County: Mataraca
Vila de Barra de Camaratuba

Place of meeting of the Camaratuba’s River waters with the sea, Boca’s Bar is the most frequented beach by bathers, in Camaratuba’s Bar. The beach, during low tide, is a great bathing resort, with lifeguards providing necessary information to those who enjoy to bathe in the river and ensure bathers’ tranquility. The beach has two kiosks, with bar and restaurant services. The place also favors surf practice throughout almost the entire year, the best period being from January to March. For kitesurf, the best period is from March to October, when the most predominant and most intense wind is the Southeast. The month of August, in special, is the period with strongest winds, between 22 and 28 knots.

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